We have implemented our customized waste and recycling programs across 20 different industries at over 3,000 locations in North America.

Our customers are able to achieve more with our resources, network, and industry expertise.

  • Total Waste Management Program

    1. Immediate Impact

    We address any immediate issues and then dig deep on understanding your current situation. You will have a single point of contact from day one.

    • Waste Disposal

      What are you generating and how are you managing it? Does your supply chain meet your compliance standards?

    • True Visibility

      True Visibility: Getting Your “Data” Organized. We consolidate all of your supplier invoices and provide insightful data analytics in our IS2 Software.

    • Operational Efficiency

      As a turnkey service, we manage your program end-to-end – negotiating advantageous contracts, consolidating your invoices, and reporting so you can focus on your core business.

  • Total Waste Management Program

    2. Continuous Improvement

    Our TWM programs continuously look for improvements that impact financial and sustainability performance.

    • Change Management

      To create a culture of efficiency and sustainability we partner with your team to become smarter disposers.

    • Ongoing Innovation

      We maximize opportunities from wastestreams through our goal of less waste, less administrative burden, and reducing expenses.

    • Process Improvement

      Unmatched turn-key solutions that are built for you. Envita Solutions brings experts to the table that other providers can not.

  • Total Waste Management Program

    3. Strategic Investment

    We all want to be part of a sustainable future. We are confident in our ability to help you reach your sustainability goals while lowering your total waste management costs over time.

    • Joint Investments

      Equipment and software, on-site resources, capital-backed processing facilities.

    • Investing In Our Future Together

      Your burden becomes our burden. You pay once a month with static pricing.

    • Project Support

      Our network is well equipped to handle any episodic needs – from emergency response in the middle of the night, routine pumps or cleans, to long-term plant decommissioning – we’ve got you covered.