Continuous Improvement

Assess, Innovate & Manage (AIM)

The corporate landscape is ever changing, and businesses are constantly facing new regulations, new pressures, and new challenges. Anything that stays the same is quickly outdated.

That’s why at Envita Solutions, continuous improvement is engrained into our programs and deployed through our Assess, Innovate and Manage (AIM) model.

  • 1. Assess

    Data Collection

    • Data Collection, Assessment & Study
    • Management of Services
    • Vendor Consolidation (as needed)
  • 2. Innovate

    Service Level Review

    • Logistical Improvements
    • Waste Minimization Opportunities
    • Recycling Programs
    • R&D Initiatives
  • 3. Manage

    Continuous Improvement

    • Process Controls
    • Upstream Modifications
    • Marketing Materials of Value
    • Capital Improvements

Processing Centers

Separation, compaction, shredding & other processes to obtain the maximum value of your commodities.

From time to time, Envita Solutions discovers customers’ needs that have significant downstream value, but no manageable way to extract that value at their facility or through a local partner.

In these situations, Envita Solutions will invest in the design, construction and operation of a processing facility tailored specifically to meet their goals.

New Technologies

We did not become the premier provider of total waste management services by accepting the status quo.

 We accelerate our customers’ sustainability journeys by staying on the forefront of new technologies and breakthrough innovations in the waste and recycling space.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at Heritage Research Group, our central research and development unit which operates at the cutting-edge of technology from its state-of-the-art research facility at The Center in Indianapolis. At Heritage Research Group, we aim to create lasting impact by solving our customers’ biggest problems

hg ventures logo

Our focus on innovation is further demonstrated by our corporate venture arm, HG Ventures, which is primarily focused on investments in early- and growth-stage opportunities in the material sciences space, with a bias towards sustainability-focused entrepreneurs. In that same spirit, we also launched The Heritage Group Accelerator, a vehicle for mentoring and developing early-stage companies housed at our corporate research and innovation facility in Indianapolis.

Envita Solutions has a dedicated team focused on the identification and development of cutting-edge tools, processes, and companies to help us meet our customers’ goals. Whether it is battery recycling, IoT enabled sensors, or carbon neutrality tools, Envita Solutions has the capability to bring new solutions to our customers’ biggest challenges.