We are practical, hands-on, and committed to delivering real value.

There is a lot of noise around the sustainability conversation but we’re not trapped in the conceptual – we are doing the work.

We champion and drive waste minimization at the source, promote internal material reuse where appropriate, enable segregation off the line, repackage for revenue-generating commodities, and drive diversion from landfill as aggressively as our customers desire.  Our aim is the integration of an optimized (and continuously improving) waste program – supporting and promoting the most sustainable brands.

We have been helping facilities across North America achieve Zero Landfill status for over two decades, and as leading organizations increasingly announce carbon commitments, we’ve invested in the right partnerships to help them make that happen.

Zero Landfill

Our proven approach is holistic, thorough and customized.

We collect extensive data, develop visual waste maps and build comprehensive roadmaps and change management plans, to achieve environmental and financial impacts.

Since 2001, we’ve partnered with our customers to create real impact.

  • Tons Diverted from Landfill Annually

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    Manufacturing Locations Taken To Zero Landfill

  • Tons of Material Reused or Recycled Annually

Waste & Carbon

Sustainability is becoming an integral consideration of big business decisions as consumers, societies and responsible brands choose to pioneer toward a better, more sustainable future.

For customers seeking sustainability goals beyond waste, Envita Solutions has the expertise and partnerships to support zero and net-zero carbon, water discharge, and plastic strategies.

Through these partnerships, our customers have access to the environmental commodities market, where they can achieve their carbon and plastic reduction goals via certified offsets and credits. We can support water conservation and zero water discharge planning. We can help baseline compressed air and offer solutions to lower energy and labor-related costs in that space.

We are not just a waste vendor, we are a sustainability partner. As the world evolves, so do we. Choosing the right partner for your sustainability journey is critical – and we are confident that we can bring you real enduring value every step of the way.